Awesome Man-made Ice Carousel

A smart guy from Finland invented the awesome Ice Carousel! The carousel was cut out with a chainsaw on a frozen lake and the inventor wants to go further and create a bigger one!

man made ice carousel in Finland

An ingenious man from Finland, Janne Kapylehto, created an amazing ice carousel on a frozen lake, that actually spins! How cool is that? Janne and his friends enjoy having a drink on top of the carousel and build log fire.

ice carousel in finalndMr. Janne posted a video on Youtube with him carving the ice circle, using a chainsaw and a shovel. He used a solar-powered outboard motor to make the sheet of ice spin and there we go… an amazing man-made ice carousel! Every day, Janne and his friends spend time spinning around in the carousel, enjoying their drinks and having fun. Janne is proud of his work as he is thinking to make another carousel in Helsinki that is four times the size.

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