Boiling Water Can Freeze! Freezing Boiling Water

Can boiling water freeze? YES! Check out this video of freezing boiling water!

You can boil the water until it freezes! WTF? Is that even possible? If you want to throw out the window your fundamental beliefs check out the latest amazing discovery made by a super smart guy!

boiling water freezes

Yeah, so here we are in the 21st century, finding out that water can be boiled until it freezes! Crazy, right? Under the right conditions, you can try this at home!

You are going to see in the video below, how the water starts to form solid ice crystals after few minutes of boiling! Still not comfortable to say it! :))

Check out how Cody made this insane experiment in his lab!

In order to make you understand better the experiment, here is how Cody made this thing possible!

First of all, he used a pressure chamber to get out all the air in the area he was working. He uses a beaker containing 60 ml of room temperature tap water, salt made from magnesium sulfate anhydrous and a bottle coated in calcium sulfate.

These ingredients above, have no use in freezing the water. They only help with absorbing the water vapor, so the pressure chamber isn’t changed by the build-up. He also uses solid calcite which will help the water boil more smoothly.

After all this steps the real process showed in the video begins!

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