Brilliant Bees Playing Football

Bees are brilliant! Here you can see scientists training bees to play football! These little smarties are capable of many things besides being a vital part of our ecosystem.

brilliant bees are playing football 300x225

Many of us love bees, other are afraid of them, but we all have to admit that these tiny flying creatures are a vital part of our ecosystem. You all know that bees offer us honey, but do you know what else a bee can do? Play football!

Recent studies show that bees can adapt to really weird circumstances and can even learn the basic fundamentals of football! Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London made a weird discovery by demonstrating what bees can do! They showed that bees can quickly learn to do a totally unnatural task: to move a ball into a specific area.

bees are taught to play football

Despite having a brain the size of a poppy seed, these little creatures are very smart. During the experiment, researchers found out that some bees managed to demonstrate their skills by improving on the techniques displayed to them. They took a risk by choosing another ball that hasn’t been used in the demonstrated part.

Even if we don’t believe that there are intelligent creatures all around us, here are these cute bees taunt everybody with their skills.Here you can see the whole experiment!

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