Europe’s First Sex-Doll Brothel

Has anyone ever tried out a sex-doll brothel? If not, now is your chance! Europe’s first sex-doll brothel opened in Spain! Totally realistic dolls which will fulfill your fantasies without any limit are waiting for you in Barcelona!

europes first sex doll brothel

Continent’s first sex doll agency is ready to meet his customers! Barcelona, Spain has become the new hostess for Japanese famous sex-doll brothels. Customers are provided with condoms and lubricants by the brothel, which lies off a narrow side street in central Barcelona because… you guys know for sure that safety comes before all!

barcelonas first sex doll brothel

The life-sized plastic ladies are ready to satisfy their customers! For a price between $80 and $160 per session, any hyper-realistic sex-doll can be there for you! On the official site of the brothel, you can see that each of the dolls have a profile describing their attributes.

first european sex doll brothel

The dolls are individually crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer to be unique and have three ‘holes’ and flexible limbs enabling them to be put in almost any position. Such dolls are very popular in Asia and now they have conquered the Europe!

If European women ever worried that their husbands will be unfaithful, now they can be ‘happier’: dolls may look real but they are not! Here you have a full video with details about the doll creation and the brothel in Barcelona.

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