Fascinating Glow In The Dark Bioluminescent Lake in Australia

Fascinating Glow In The Dark Bioluminescent Lake in Australia

Bioluminescent lake Australia 1

Bioluminescence, or in layman terms, glow in the dark…. you’ve heard of paint that glow’s in the dark, bumper-stickers, also the very popular and, dare I say, extremely cute, fireflies… they all shine when the lights are out, but now there’s a new cool and exciting thing that does it and it’s actually a really awesome bioluminescent lake in Australia. Yes, you did read well, there’s a lake that can glow in the dark, which just goes to show us that Earth’s wonders  never seize to amaze us.

Gippsland Lakes in Australia brought to our attention,  a rare, exciting and simply divine phenomenon called bioluminescence: which is actually the emission of light particles by living organisms, is actually a form of chemiluminescence that is produced naturally by a pigment called luciferin.

Fireflies have it, angler-fish have it and so does Noctiluca scintillans, which is more commonly known as the Sea Sparkle. A group of friends caught this beautiful and rare phenomenon taking place right under them. The glow in the dark effect was caused by a high concentration of Sea Sparkle, they gave the lake a bright, ether blue, fluorescent glow and an amazing sight for us to admire.

Take a look for yourself at these astonishing pictures of the bioluminescent lake. It kinda reminds us of the aurora borealis… what do you think?
962331bioluminescent lake australia

962331Australia Bioluminescent Lake
962331Bioluminescent Lake Australia

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