Intellipaper – Wireless Paper-based USB

Paper-based USB Intellipaper – Wireless, Disposable USB drives

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Intellipaper is an awesome new disposable USB drive which is literslly made out of paper, and you can dispose of it after usage. Intellipaper is made out of a small silicon chip which is embedded on paper. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree? Find out more about this amazing Wireless Paper-based USB right here.

The team behind Intellipaper has now patented a new technology which allows them to layer electronic components within normal sheets of paper, practically allowing the user to save paper, time and trees when sending information to others.

Intellipaper reader business cards

You don’t really imagine how you can use it?

Well, Intellipaper could very easily be used when you want to send one of your loved ones a letter. Or you could also use it as a business card, cause it can hold all of your contacts digitally. You simply hand out the intelligent Intellipaper out to someone, they put it in to a conventional USB port, and voila… the information is shared.

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See the many uses of Intellipaper in the video below:

How Does Intellipaper Work?

Intellipaper works like any other storage device. Once you rip it from the rest of the paper, you fold it in half and all you have to do is insert it into any of your computer’s USB ports. You may then access the files on the Intellipaper, add or remove more files just like an ordinary USB. All of these actions can be performed only as long as the papers and contacts remain intact.

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The paper used is about as thick as card stock, and it’s the result of three normal pieces of paper laminated along with the silicone chip. The embedded chip is capable of holding somewhere in the range of 8-32 MB of data. Making these little intelligent pieces of paper is extremely cheap, so imagine all of its potential uses:

– sending postcards from vacations
– wedding invitations with a digital version attached
– lecture handouts with informations for students

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When can we have it?

The possibilities are numerous and they’re just within our reach! For now, the team which designed it just sends Intellipaper as bulk mail, but the design group recently finished a funding campaign that was intended to raise $300,000 but they only raised: US$6,480. However, the team managed to find a U.S. distributor and in order to release USB-enabled note cards, called “DataNotes,” in mid-2013.

See more pictures of intellipaper below:

Intellipaper USB Paper Drive

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Intellipaper 1
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And see how you can use it as a wireless device in the video below:

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