Japanese Light Suit Dance – Tron Inspired Choreography

Light Suit Dance Rutine Inspired By “Tron” Movie

Japanese Light Suit Dance - Tron 1

Tron fans, on your mark! A Japanese dance group named Wrecking Crew Orchestra have put together a mind blowing dance routine, which involves some really cool light suits. The awesome five minute long choreography simply makes everyone stop and stare. In case you were wondering what the lovely citizens of the Grid do for fun, have a look at this impressive clip, and you might feel like you’ve crossed over to the imaginary world of Tron. Enjoy your stay!


If you’re wondering what songs they used for this amazing dance routine, have a look at the track list below:

Daft Punk – Arena (Tron Legacy)
Waters of Nazereth – (Erol Alkan’s Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr Re-Edit) Justice
Crookers – Mad Kidz
David Guetta- Paris
Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
Flux Pavilion – Lines in Wax (featuring Foreign Beggars)

WreckingCrewOrchestra tron inspired dance rutine

Have a look below and prepare yourself to join the Grid as you watch the videos of the Wrecking Crew Orchestra dancing in light suits:

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