Sandcastle Art and Biggest Sandcastle in the World

Sandcastle Art and Biggest Sandcastle in the World
car sandcastle

Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic form, such as a sand sculpture, sandpainting, or sand bottles. A sand castle is a type of sand sculpture resembling a miniature building, often a castle.

The two basic building ingredients, sand and water, are available in abundance on a sandy beach, so most sand play takes place there, or in a sandpit. Tidal beaches generally have sand that limits height and structure because of the shape of the sand grains. Good sand sculpture sand is somewhat dirty, having silt and clay that helps lock the irregular shaped sand grains together.

Sand castles are typically made by children, simply for the fun of it, but there are also sand sculpture contests for adults that involve large, complex constructions.

Biggest Sandcastle Art in the World 70 feet

Every child’s dream !even man..

And here are some many other amazing sandcastle art

car sandcastle



448 Sandcastle 2

sand art 13 thumb

girl on a fish sandcastle

largest sand castle

copacabana beach sandcastle large


Bird sand



sandburg im8q

sand creature

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