Amazing Video: World’s Fastest Water Slide

Amazing Video: World’s Fastest Water Slide

Worlds Fastest Water Slide 1

We all love going to the water park once in a while… and I bet you also like the water slides cause they’re full of excitement, but what happens when someone tries to set a world record while going down the world’s longest water slide, flying off the ground and landing in an inflatable pool? Well there is someone who had the guts to try such an extraordinary stunt, and guess what? He did it! He actually flew off the water slide and landed in the pool without being hurt. We have the video to prove it so prepare to be amazed, and most important, do not try this at home.  Some of you may think that he has lost his mind, but apparently he’s completely sane.

The Mythbusters  from Discovery Channel have proven this stunt to  be a fake. Have a look below at the video of the world record for the longest water slide, and decide for yourselves if the stunt is real or not.

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