Extreme Autocannibalism And Human Cannibalism

Shocking Cases Of Cannibalism And Self-Cannibalism


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Cannibalism and autocannibalism is extreme by definition…  Lets have a look at some of the most recent and amazing cases of such strange behaviors, reader discretion is advised.  Two of the most shocking deeds humans are capable of. Despite the fact that we consider ourselves superior to animals, humans are sometimes prove to be no better than the “inferior animals”.
A very good example of such situation are various acts of cannibalism all around the world, from isolated tribes in different corners of the earth, to even more shocking cases of cannibals living amongst us.

As we all know, cannibalism is the act of eating the flesh of other human beings, and it is also known as anthropophagy. Granted, there are not a lot of people capable of eating other humans, but there are deviations…

depressed man cooked and ate his finger

As far as autocannibalism is concerned, you’d be surprised to know that we’ve been a self-cannibal at least once in our lives. Every act in which a person eats his or hers own parts, is considered selfcannibalism, so the next time you think about biting your nails off, think again… you might want to reconsider that. Of course, it takes a lot more than just a little nail biting to be proclaimed a self cannibal… That title requires a person actually eating their own flesh.

Autocannibalism Cases

1. Mao Sugiyama cooked and ate his own penis, scrotum and testicles!

Mao Sugiyama slicinggenitalia

The most recent and shocking case of autocannibalism is that of Mao Sugiyama, who cooked up his own genitals and served it to 5 other people. The weirdest part about this gesture… is the fact that the people who joined him for the gruesome meal paid 250 euros to have a seat at the table, and they were chosen out of a total of 70 people who wanted to pay to eat male human genitals (eww!)

Mao Sugiyama penis cooked

“Please retweet. I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen…. I will prepare and cook as the buyer requests, at his chosen location.”

This is how the gruesome tweet sounded… and how the 22 year old man got the whole world’s attention. On his 22nd birthday, Mao Sugiyama from Tokyo had a life changing surgery to remove his penis and scrotum, due to a burning wish to become not a transsexual, but an asexual person… So far, not so weird, but the spooky part is that he asked the surgeons to freeze his genitalia so that he can be able too cook and eat it later… Luckily, he reconsidered that thought… unfortunately, the reconsideration is even worse. He decided to cook and share the odd meal with other people who are wiling to pay for the feast.

man cooks own penis

Several people wanted to join,a bout 70 actually, so Mao decided to turn the meal in to a huge even which he dubbed “Ham Cybele – Century Banquet” … only 5 gourmands were chosen, while the others were also invited at the event, but they were served crocodile dishes. The day before the huge cook-off, mao posed a picture of his frozen genitals:

Mao Sugiyama penis testicle scrotum cooked 3

The five people chosen to eat his genials were a 32-year-old male manga artist (who did the gorrs act for “research”), a 30-year-old white-collar couple (who came out of curiosity), an attractive 22-year-old woman (wondering how it would be like), and 29-year-old event planner Shigenobu Matsuzawa (who wanted to part-take in this once in a lifetime opportunity). More pictures of the gruesome meal below:

Mao Sugiyama penis testicle scrotum cooked 2
Mao Sugiyama penis testicle scrotum cooked 1

Marco Evaristti Ate His Own Fat Extracted by Liposuction:

Marco Evaristti meatballs

The eccentric artist cooked the fat as meatballs and served them as pasta toppings to his friends at an intimate dinner… gross alert!

Watch Marco Evaristti in the video below doing another bizarre gesture: painting an iceberg in Greenland red.

3. Eating Your Own Placenta:

human placenta1

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Some people believe that eating the placenta after birth, prevents postpartum depression and other childbirth health problems. Although doctors all agree that there is no medical reason for a well nourished mom to eat her baby’s placenta, some believe that it his a great source of vitamins, minerals and perfectly balanced hormones…


1. Vince Li murdered and cannibalized Tim McLean in 2008…

Vince Li cannibal

On July 30th, 2008, a dreadful thing happened… 22 year old Tim McLean was riding a bus home with his eyes closed and listening to music when all of a sudden, Vince Li, the passenger next to him got up and started stabbing him to death. The bus driver stopped the buss, and all of the other passengers got out horrified. Before the authorities arrived at the scene, Vince Li had already beheaded the young man, eaten some parts of his body and carved the remains with a knife… The troubled man was not convicted, but instead, locked up in a mental facility due to the fact that he suffered from schizophrenia and he declared that God has told him to kill, behead and eat Tim because he was an alien…  Below you can see a picture of the victim,  Tim McLean.

Tim McLean

2. Cannibalism Horror On Miami Highway

miami cannibalism surveillance video

A naked man in Miami was shot to death by the police after he refused to cease and desist from eating another man’s face… Eye whiteness declared that:
And the guy was like tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, ‘Get off! You know it’s like the guy just kept eating the other guy away, like ripping his skin.

There is even a shocking video to illustrate the shocking case:

man bitten by cannibal on miami highwayCannibal on Miami highway

Update June 15th, 2012:

This is how the homeless man looks at a few weeks after the attack: he has  no eyes, the skin of his forehead has been eaten, and also his nose is completely gone. He can’t even go to the bathroom on his own, and his life will never be the same again. Have a look at the pictures below to see how the victims looks now:

homeless man after miami canibal attack 3

homeless man after miami canibal attack 2

Update July 2nd, 2012:

Another shocking cannibal attack in China!

Chinese woman under cannibal atack

A man attacked a woman in full daylight, on the street! He bit off her lips and nose and everyone was shocked. The woman was driving her car when out of the blue, a man who appeared to be drunk started banging on her windshield.
The woman was so shocked that she got out of her car trying to get away from the attacker. Unfortunately, he jumped on her, took her down and stared biting off her nose and lips, and doctors confirmed she will need plastic surgery to hide the wholes in her appearance.

Chinese woman under cannibal atack 2

More Cases Of 2012 Cannibalism on page 2:

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