Extreme Autocannibalism And Human Cannibalism

2012 “Zombie Apocalypse”


Mere days after this gruesome attack on the highway, even more reports of what seems to be a regular zombie apocalypse keep piling up.

In Harford County the community is shocked to discover the remains of a male student in a Joppatowne home, in Maryland. The dead body clearly showed that the boy had been a victim of cannibalism. The police soon arrested a suspect, Alexander Kinyua for the murder of his room mate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie. Soon after the arrest, the suspect confessed to killing and eating Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie’s (on the right in the photo above) heart and brain. The 21 year old killer gave no reason for his gruesome deed.

Brazil Cannibal Empanadas – Human Pastries

Brazil Cannibal Empanadas 1

At the beginning of 2012, three suspects members of an occult sect were arrested for the suspicion of having murdered and ate a fourth member of their cult. The even weirder and more shocking twist of the situation is the fact that they also cooked the woman and incorporated her body parts in terrifying human pastries.

The three suspects are shown above, and they are the leader of the sect, his wife and mistress. They killed and hacked up two women and made pastries stuffed with their flesh which they sold to the neighbors. Pretty gross! The man is schizophrenic and he even wrote a book in which he confesses he has the urge to kill women.

Watch the modern day story of cannibalism below:

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