Bridge Collapses onto Motorway in Italy Live Video

A road bridge in Italy collapsed onto a motorway that ran beneath it. Two people died and other two were badly injured near the city of Ancona on the Adriatic coast, in central Italy.

bridge collapsed onto highway

At the beginning of March 2017, between Ancona and Loreto, Italy, a bridge collapsed onto a motorway, causing the death of two people. The overpass was under construction and closed to traffic, but unfortunately, it felt onto A14 highway causing panic among people.

car under the collapsed bridge

The horrible event led to the death of a married couple Emidio “Mimmo” Diomedi, 60, and his wife Antonella Viviani, 54. The couple was married for 36 years old and their death was a terrible shock for the family. Two other people were injured after the collapse of a temporary structure that was supporting the bridge. The two workers were transported to the hospital in a stable condition.

collapsed bridge in Italy

The pictures show the extent of the damage of the collapse and how insecure the bridge was. There have been several similar disasters in Italy in recent years and everyone agrees with the fact that those things should not occur, but as we all can see inattention and ignorance can kill people! Below you can see the terrifying video!

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