Extreme Cases Of Cops Killed Or Hurt On Duty

Extreme Cases Of Cops (Policeman) Killed Or Hurt On Duty

Officer funeral

Policemen are out there to serve and protect us but they are not super heroes! They are can get hurt just like us, and unfortunately, they sometimes even die in the line of duty while helping others, or defending the law. Let’s watch some of the most amazing videos of brave officers getting killed or hurt on the job.

Police Officers Killed In the Line Of Duty

1. Off-duty cop is killed during a robbery at a supermarket.

In the video below you will see a police officer who was killed for doing his ob, even if he wasn’t on duty. The man sacrificed his life to serve, protect and defend the innocent bystanders who witnessed a supermarket robbery.

The thief ran out of the store with the money and when the good officer saw him, he tried to stop him, but the robber pulled out a gun and shot him, fatally. Have a look below, be advised tho…

2. Cops Hit By Cars

Icy roads can be very tricky! Many police officers are exposed to risks due to drivers not adapting their cars to winter conditions. Unfortunately the officer below got hit by a car who couldn’t avoid the slippery road.

Also in the video below, a police officer just gets completely run down while he’s doing his job and asking for a drivers license and registration. The highways are very dangerous, have a look below and see what can happen to an officer who is just doing his job:

Policemen injured In the Line Of Duty:

1. Car rams roadblock, cop gets up to catch criminal

some police officers are truly brave till the end! The cop you are about to see in the video below got hit by a car which was trying to evade a road block. The car driver crashes, but gets out to make a run for it. Luckily, the policeman was not fatally injured, hence, he got up to do his job, and chase the culprit in order to bring him to justice!

2.Suspect attacks cop with his own baton

Below you can watch a life or death struggle between a police officer and a suspect who managed to grab the policeman’s baton and started hitting the law representative in the head. The officer was hit in the head several times, quite brutally, but he was somehow able to free himself, pull out his gun and fire several shots.
The attacker took several bullets, but he still got up and tried to attack the policeman until back-up came to the rescue!

3. Cop Hit With Firebomb In Greece Protest And more Violence Against the Police

Greece is most certainly in a bad situation right now, but they have managed to overcome the violent protests. Watch some footage below of how police officers were assaulted:

Officers risk their lives to protect us, show more respect for them, even if some cops are bad, the ones that are good deserve all of our appreciation!

See another terrible case when a policeman was killed during action, while trying to save lives https://www.vyperlook.com/extreme-things/policeman-killed-instantly-by-an-ammonia-gas-tank

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