Crazy Driver Gets Beatean by Strongest Russian Woman

Usually, you don’t want to mess with an angry woman, especially when it comes to the strongest woman in Russia. A crazy driver got beaten up by the Russian powerlifter after arguing in traffic.

crazy driver gets beat by strongest russian woman

Oksana Kosheleva is one of the strongest women in Russia and surely no man wants to upset her. She is 34 years old and famous for pulling trucks and trams. She got into a fight with a driver who was crazy enough to do a crazy car trick in front of her.

strongest woman in russia beats a driver

As Oksana doesn’t agree to be mocked, she got out of her car, pulled the man out, carried him over the shoulder and dumped him in the boot of her car. After dumping the man in the car, she kicked him and stuffed him in the boot.

russian woman beats up crazy driver

The man made a dangerous handbrake turn in the car park and cut off Oksana’s vehicle while his buddies were filming the maneuver. He immediately regretted his action after finding himself getting stuffed in the boot of Oksana’s car.

oksana kicked crazy driver in the boot of her car

Oksana said that she wasn’t going to beat up the man, as she only wanted to teach him a lesson. She said that fights are not for women as she avoided to punch the man in the face.

Oksana has set numerous records for pulling vehicles using only her brute strength, she is a powerlifter and known as the strongest Siberian woman.

oksana siberian strongest woman

Here you have the full video, enjoy it and don’t forget to not upset women in traffic!

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