Incredible Video: Huge Python Swallow Whole Hyena

An incredible video was made in Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. A huge python dangerously swallowed a whole hyena!

huge python swallow ehole hyena

People visiting Masai Mara reserve in Kenya witnessed an incredible crime scene! The rare sight of a huge python swallowed a whole hyena was the first incident of this kind recorded on film!

large python swallow hyena

Jos Bakker, the guy who captured the unique moment, was on holiday in Kenya and went on a visit to Masai Mara reserve. On the side of the road, the huge reptile was dangerously trying to swallow one of the largest African carnivores.

python swallows huge african carnivore

Researchers in the area were told about the incident and tracked down the kill. Mike Kowalski, one of the researchers who found the snake while digesting his prey, said that it’s a very rare situation when a python risks eating such a dangerous animal whose jaws can easily crush its skull.

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