Man Got Second-Degree Burns for 350$

Men do a lot of crazy things for money! This guy got second-degree burns for a pretty small prize… 350$. The images are breath-taking, but see for yourself!

man got second degree burns for 350

Many things happen in Russia, so here we are with another breaking news! Anton, the guy on fire, competed for the title of the best rider in the Pool and Ride contest held in snow resort in Kemerovo region,  where all participants had to wear costumes and perform the most effective jump from a trampoline into a swimming pool.

skier burned up for money

Anton was so determined to win this competition that he created a special costume named ‘The Burning Angel’ with inflammable white feathers. He wanted to make a crazy show and so he did!

crazy skier got second degree burns

The skier made an epic jump from a trampoline into a swimming pool, setting his costume on fire! He poured an inflammable liquid on his costume before he jumped and created the impression of a ‘Burning Angel’ as he called it!

Russian skier got second degree burn

After the crazy moment, Anton managed to get out of the water by himself and was taken to hospital by an ambulance. The doctors said he got second-degree burns on his arms and back, but he succeeded! Anton won the top prize of the Pool and Ride contest of 20,000 roubles ( 350$) and is very proud of his achievement!

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