Shocking Video: Cockroach Inside Woman Skull

A shocking video of that a cockroach found inside a woman skull has terrified the doctors. The woman was having painful headaches, but she never taught about what was living inside her!

cockroach living inside woman skull

Doctors made a shocking discovery after a woman reported painful and continuous headaches. Selvi, a 42-years old Indian woman went to see a doctor after she felt something crawling and around her nose and eyes. Nobody expected to find out that a grows creature was living inside her skull.

She fought with terrible headaches and burning sensations and after she went to see a doctor, she discovered the real reason for her suffering. Doctors made few scans and checks, they came to the conclusion that there was a “foreign body that seemed to be mobile” within the frontal region of her head. The shocking moment was actually when they discovered that a cockroach was living inside the woman skull! Using the power of forceps and a suction device, the cockroach was removed after 45 minutes.

Here you can see the terrifying discovery made by doctors!

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