The Man With The Largest Scrotum On Earth: Amazing Video

The Man With The Largest Scrotum On Earth: Amazing Video

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Despite the fact that he lives in the capital city of fun and games, Las Vegas, this man can not enjoy it at all. 47-year-old Wesley Warren Jr. is the record holder for the largest scrotum in the world, his genitalia weighting not an ounce less than 100 pounds (more than 45 kilograms). This pore soul suffers from a medical condition called elephantiasis, a disease most common in the tropical sectors of Africa and Asia. The doctors admit that they are puzzled by what may have caused this scrotal lymphedema causing Warren’s body to store water inside the scrotum. Unfortunately, this rare condition interferes with the man’s everyday life, causing him trouble with using the bathroom, or even walking. The operation for removing the surplus of tissue will cost one million dollars and it poses a life threat, due to the fact that that particular area of the body is highly vascularized.

This is most likely the oddest medical condition yet, especially due to the fact that elephantiasis is usually induced by a parasite which does not have the proper living conditions in the United States, but since the man did not travel to the tropical areas, the only possible answer as to why his scrotum now weights 100 pounds, lies withing his scrotum, and the only way the doctors can find out what caused this, is to wait till the surgery.

Below you can watch some impressive pictures and also the amazing video of the man who has the largest scrotum in the world.

100pound scrotum




26.07.2012 Update:
His scrotum is even bigger: they are 160lbs, and it will continue to grow 50lbs/year….and he’s even more famous!

It seems he refused FREE surgery offer.why? see below

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