£943,000 Found on a Backseat of a Taxi

What a day to get into a taxi and find a bag with £1 million! It seems that someone really forgot his suitcase full of money in the back of a black cab in London. How crazy is that?

943000 Found on a Backseat of a Taxi

London police made a big discovery in February this year after they stopped a black cab! A suitcase with £943,000 was only a small part of the actual discovery: £73million in cash and assets including a Ferrari 612 and Class A drugs seized from criminals in London.

bag of money discovered in a cab

Scotland Yard said that this is the largest amount of money the force has ever discovered since 2003. The money is believed to be part of a very big line of illegalities, such as money obtained from brothels, drugs, and fake companies that use fake cards and chips to stole money from their clients.

Here you have a short video with the great catch London police made.

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