Don’t Mess With An Angry Crab Or This May Happen To You

Don’t Mess With An Angry Crab Or This May Happen To You

angry crab

How did the old joke go: why did the chicken cross the road? Well we found footage of a crustacean crossing the road and we can’t help but wonder why did the crab cross the road? Well the answer might be, because he just waned to grab a nose… What do we mean by that? Well, somewhere not so far away, this little critter in the image above was minding his own business and hanging out with his friends, when a soldier decided to play the role of a stalking paparazzi, and interrupt their stroll down the road. Of course, when you’re being stalked by a man with a camera who just wants a picture with you, all you have to do is run, unfortunately for this soldier, the crab had other plans in mind. After being lifted off the ground, and being rudely interrupted, the crab politely smiled for the camera and then gave the Russian soldier a piece of his mind, by grabbing on to his nose with a sharp pair of claws…Ouch! Watch the hilarious video of the incident, and remember not to mess with angry crabs!

1 angry crab

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