Fattest Cat Named Skinny is Trying to Lose Weight

A cute but very fat cat named Skinny is trying to lose weight after it was almost impossible to even walk. Let’s watch its progress and how fat Skinny managed to become … skinny!

fat cat named skinny trying to lose weight

Skinny was a 16 kg cat who barely could walk before starting a special diet. She was abandoned and ended up in a shelter from Dallas in 2012. Dr. Brittney Barton adopted Skinny in 2013 by the time Skinny was a cute chubby cat.

fat cat named skinny lostt weight

In 2013, Skinny started a slimming program which included a special diet and exercises. Dr. Barton said Skinny was supposed to be a big cat but not an obese one, so she created a special slimming program in which Skinny spent her weekends doing exercises at HEAL Veterinary Hospital.

skinny doing exercisesfat skinny lost weight

Skinny is now a big cat who enjoys living its life, doing stuff like putting his head into boxes or sleep all day long. Check out the video below and try to learn something about cat ambition!

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