Funniest Snowmen You’ve Ever Seen

Funniest Snowmen You’ve Ever Seen

funny snowman 2

Walking in a winter wonderland… that’s how the old Christmas song goes and it’s that time of the year again when some of us get to enjoy all of the benefits of snow. Whether you wanna build a snow fort and have the biggest snow fight ever, or you just want to make a snow angel in the snow, you can’t deny that the first thought that goes through your mind when it starts snowing outside, is indubitably, the wish to build a little (or big) snowman. Well every Frosty is special in its own way, and every person is happy to let their imagination fly off while they shape a snowman, but if the weather report says you’re gonna be enjoying the snow pretty soon and you want some inspiration as far as snowmen go, you should have a look at this collection of some of the funniest snowmen ever built.

funny snowman 1
842302funny snowman 13
842302funny snowman 12
842302funny snowman 11
842302funny snowman 10
842302funny snowman 9

842302funny snowman 8
842302funny snowman 7
842302funny snowman 6
842302funny snowman 5
842302funny snowman 4
842302funny snowman 3

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