Funniest Talent: Girl Makes Her Eyebrows Dance

Funniest Talent: Girl Makes Her Eyebrows Dance

Girl Makes Her Eyebrows Dance

Funny talents… we all have a special trait or face which we use to make others laugh, but the girl in this video, she has the power to make millions of people stare with amazement and say “How can she do that?”. What is her special talent? This girl’s eyebrows can dance to music… yes, you read right, she has dancing eyebrows.  She filmed herself while doing it, and the video immediately went viral gathering more than 20 million views. Sarah is a cute 13 year old girl from Sydney, Australia and her unique talent has made her famous in just a few hours.  Have a look at what she does, and also, see what she answered her amazed fans in a follow-up video.

And the follow-up:

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