Funniest Wedding Dresses

Funniest Wedding Dresses

weird wedding dress 2

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… that’s how the old song goes, but modern day brides tend to get more and more eccentric when it comes to their wedding day, and especially when it comes to the gown. Every bride dreams of having a special moment, and the wedding day should be perfect for each and every blushing bride, but when it comes to standing out, some bridezillas just go overboard. Hopefully, their grooms won’t turn around and run the opposite direction when they see the love of their lives coming down the isle in one of these horrific gowns. We’ve put together a collection of some really funny wedding dresses (and when we say funny, we’re just putting it mildly)

212421weird wedding dress 3
212421weird wedding dress 4
212421weird wedding dress 5
212421weird wedding dress 6

Why would you have a wedding cake that’s the exact replica of the bride? And if we take a good look at the picture above, we can see that the bride isn’t all that happy about cutting herself  in pieces…

212421weird wedding dress 7
212421weird wedding dress 8
212421weird wedding dress 9
212421weird wedding dress 10
212421weird wedding dress 11

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