Hair Salon Offers Python Neck Massages

A new massage trend became famous overnight in Germany! A hair salon offers neck massages using a Python! So if you’re not afraid of snakes and need an urgent haircut do not miss this salon, it will be a unique experience.

Python gives neck massages at German salon

Wanna try a new haircut and also relax while getting a smooth massage? We found the perfect place for you! The Haar Mode Salon from Dresden, Germany is stretching the boundaries of who can perform a massage.

python massage in a german salon

The 13-years-old python, named Monty is a very good and ‘calm’ masseuse. He became part of the salon’s family after Frank Doehlen, proprietor of the Haar Mode Team, went on a trip to Africa and saw the benefits of massages with pythons.

Monty’s smooth massage cost around €30 ($38), but it’s really hard to get an appointment. Monty only works 2 days per week and he’s so famous that people book him weeks in advance. Customers are pleased so they don’t miss a chance to ‘hug’ Monty.

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