New Trend: Solo Weddings for Single Women in Japan

There’s a new trend in Japan that will blow your mind: a Japanese company offers solo weddings for single women! So, if you dream of a perfect wedding day but you don’t have a partner with whom to share it, no worries… now you can get married without a groom!

solo wedding without a groom in japan

If you are a single woman and wish for a beautiful wedding day go to Japan: you don’t need a groom, not even friends because you can rent them for 50$. But still, if your friends can’t accept the futurist idea, you can rent a man for a beautiful photo shoot.

bride gettin ready for solo wedding

Travel company Cera Travel from Kyoto, a city in southern Japan, has started a new service called ‘Solo Wedding.’ This service was born from the desire of financially independent women to be fulfilled in their personal life without a man.

This trend is also made for women who have been divorced but want to feel special again so for around £1,700( $2,750) you can have your solo dream wedding any time you wish.

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