Out-of-control SUV Crash into House’s Roof

Incredible video and photos! Do you imagine waking up and see your house roof crushed by an SUV? Neither do I, but this homeowner in China had a terrible surprise. A video captured the whole moment!

out of control SUV crush house roof

In Taizhou, a city in China’s Jiangsu Province a driver lost the control of his car and destroyed a house roof. His SUV skidded off the road landing straight onto the roof of the house. The driver said he tried to avoid another car when he accidentally stepped on the accelerator.

careless driver crushed the car into a roof

This careless driver lost the control of his SUV Honda and landed on the roof of a house. Luckily the homeowner wasn’t injured but he will probably receive money for repairing the roof. The driver had to be rescued with a ladder and the car was removed from the roof with a crane.

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