Pagan Priest Won the Right to Wear Goat Horn on Driving Licence

The world is going crazy!? A pagan priest from Maine wears goat horns on his head, and he actually won the right (on court) to have them in the driving license photo! LOL

pagahn priest wear goat horns

As the world is not crazy enough, this 57-years-old priest decided to make his life more interesting and started to wear goat horns in 2009. He considers that his horns are ‘religious attire’ and he wears them everywhere.

pagan priest wears goat hornsIn 2009, at a Pagan men’s group gathering Phelan Moonsong (the crazy priest) laid his eyes on the horns. The goat belonged to one of his friends and after the goat died the priest offered to wear its horns.

The priest declared that the horns became part of his personality and are part of his religious attire. He soaks the horns in patchouli and cedar oil to keep them fresh and leathery. What thoughtful he is!

Phelan is so attached to his horns that he refused the state of Maine to give up the horns to receive a state-issued ID. After sending a personal essay to the state and explaining the importance of his horns he managed to get his license with its horns on!

Check out the video below!

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