Pigcasso – Pig Became Famous for Painting

Meet Pigcasso – The pig which became famous for his paintings! She was rescued from the slaughterhouse and now she’s ‘living the dream’ in Cape Town. How expensive are its paintings? Check out!

pigcasso the famous painting pig

Pigcasso is a female pig and she is well known for her unusual talent! Joanne Lefson, the pig’s owner, saved Pigcasso from a slaughterhouse and brought it to her farm. Joanne discovered Pigcasso talent after it accidentally took one of Joanne’s brushes and started to paint.

pigcasso and her owner

Pigcasso spends hours on his paintings thanks to Joanne who taught him how to dip the brush in the paint and how to apply it to a canvas. Joanne said that she feels so good for saving pigcasso as she believes that they can help each other.

pigcasso painting on the beach

Joanne thinks that selling Pigcasso paintings will help her raise money for charity and also will make Pigcasso famous all over the world. Here you have a short video about Pigcasso’s pieces of art and its life.



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