Ten Things You Shouldn’t Microwave – Funny Videos

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Microwave – Funny Videos


DO NOT try this at home. We’ve put together a collection of items which should never be placed in the microwave oven, unless of course you’re a mad genius experimenting with technology, but we all know how mad geniuses end up (and if you don’t, just take a moment to remember Frankenstein’s tale…). Ever since it was invented, the microwave oven was intended for reheating food, but have you ever wondered what happens if we try to cook things which aren’t supposed to be cooked, say for example soap… curious to find out what happens? Have a look at our ten video collection, you’ll end up on the floor laughing.

1. Grapes:


Grapes are not supposed to be reheated, let alone be cooked or baked, have a look at what happens when you put them in the oven.

2. Soap


We all use it,  some more than others, but I’m sure that after viewing the video below, we can all agree that soap should stay in the bathroom, and not in the microwave.

3.  Eggs


If you’re in a hurry and you wanna eat some eggs, by all means, wait the 4 minutes to boil it, do not put it in the oven, or this is what might happen.

4. Marshmallows

twisted marshmallow

I’m quite old fashioned,  i like my marshmallows  well done over a camp fire, see what happens when you put it in the microwave.

5. Glow sticks

Glow sticks

Why would anyone wanna microwave Glow sticks? It’s just weird!

6. Light Bulbs

light bulb oil lamp

If it were up to me, this light bulb would just stay in the lamp, where it belongs, but someone had the bright idea to put it in the microwave…

7.  Toothpaste

Tooth paste a versatile product

I use it for my teeth, others put it in the microwave…


8. Gummy Bears


Why on Earth would anyone want to microwave these sweet things?

9. Balloon filled with milk

Smile Balloons

10. Tin Foil

tin foil

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