Top Funniest Boblefotball – Bubble Football/Soccer Videos

Top Funniest Videos of Boblefotball – Bubble Sootball/Soccer


Have a look at a top collection of the funniest bubble football/soccer videos. One thing is for sure when it comes to soccer… the animosity between the players is bound to come out during the game and there have been numerous occasions in which fights broke out. Well, the broken noses and throwing punches problem is almost solved… introducing Boblefotball! What’s that you ask? Have a look right here.


There is absolutely no way to describe how hilarious these videos with people in giant bubbles really are. Just imagine, fully grown men with a huge volley-ball-like costume on, running around and playing football. And since they are protected by these bubbles, they’re not afraid to fall, and that is the funniest part of all… these men look like over-sized turtles who have been overturned. It’s hilarious, check out the videos below.


Below you can see a Norwegian football team called Golden Goal playing their best game over there.

The bubbles are made by a firm called Funballz, which also makes orbes and all sort of fun bubbles. The bubbles have handles designed to help keep you inside of the bubble, but the manufacturer put the handles right below the chin, which everyone look like a drunken bar fighter. The top is open so that the players can breathe, but they’re generally unable to turn around or see properly in any direction but straight ahead, which means that the players can not see coming.


Waring these around all day would be pretty fun, I cant help but wish a famous designer introduced these bubbles as the next big thing so we can all start wearing these without looking crazy. It would be awfully funny!

See more funy videos of bubble football below:

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