Weird Celebrities Faces Upside Down

Funny Celebrities Faces Upside Down

Even Angelina Jolie is looking so weird in this upside down picture haha
Alec Baldwin+face+upside downAngelina Jolie face+upside downBARRACK OBAMA face+upside downBeyonce face+upside down

Brat Pitt face+upside downBritney+spears+face+upside downBruce face+upside downChristina Ricci face+upside downDaniel Craig+face+upside downDavid Beckham face+upside downDi Caprio face+upside downElton John  funny+face+up+side+downHarrison Ford face+upside downHeidi Klum face+upside downHilary Clinton+face+upside downHugh Jackman funny+face+up+side+downJennifer Aniston face+upside down%3E face+upside downJim Carrey+face+upside downJohn Travolta face+upside downJude Law face+upside downKeanu Reeves+face+upside downkeira knightley face+upside downKristen bell funny+face+up+side+downLindsay Lohan+funny+face+up+side+downMegan Fox face+upside downMichael Douglas funny+face+up+side+downMichael Jackson face+upside downOprah Winfrey face+upside downParis Hilton face+upside downPierce Brosnan+face+upside downSandra Bullock funny+face+up+side+downSharon Stone face+upside downSimon Cowell face+upside downTom Cruise+funny+face+up+side+downWill Smith face+upside down

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