Woman Forgot the Handbrake and Car Rolled Down The Ramp Into a Wall

A funny video with a woman driver running after her car, wich went down and hit a wall, almost killing a man! A woman forgot the handbrake to her expensive Bentley and so the car rolled forward, slammed into a wall and almost killed a man.

driver let car into gear  300x188

As you all might know, women suck when it comes to driving a car! ( at least some of them). The pictures below are going to arouse some laughter, so check it out!

woman falls while trying to stop the car 300x153

As you see, this woman tried so hard to catch her 300,000$ Bentley that she actually injured herself while running! (I would break my neck to catch a 300,000$ car).

chilling guy next to the broken down wall 300x168The funniest part, or maybe not so funny… Is this guy below! He was chilling, drinking his coffee having a normal day, when suddenly…

car broke down the wall  300x168

A luxurious Bentley hit the wall and a section of the wall collapsed on the spot where the man was relaxing. This guy has some good reflexes as he managed to get to safety in the nick of time. Lucky you, dude!

Check out the full video!


The woman had to pay some money for the damages, but I guess it wasn’t such a big problem if she owns such an expensive car!

Oh, by the way, as a reminder for all women who drive: Girls, if you don’t to hurt yourself and ruin your shoes by running on high-heels, remember to pull up your handbrake!

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