Woman Is Hit And Knocked Down By A Giant Wave

A Russian woman is hit and knocked down by a giant wave while she was trying to record a video during windy conditions in Sochi, Russia. The moment is pretty funny but kinda dramatic, so it became viral quickly.

russian girl is hit by a giant wave

The woman was trying to film the extreme weather and she seemed pretty happy about it … only if she knew what was going to happened!

huge wave knocked the women off her feet

Realizing that she is going to get wet, the woman only had time to scream and then, guess what…!

woman knocked down by a giant wave

She was wiped out by a huge wave, but, luckily, she managed to hold on to her camera as she was trying to get out of the water. After being swept by the giant wave, she was completely drenched, but happy she caught the dramatic moment on camera!

Check out the whole video

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