Woman Jumps on Car to Stop Thief Stealing It

A surveillance camera recorded the moment when a brave woman stopped a thief from stealing her car by jumping on the hood! The thief struggled to get rid of the woman but he didn’t stand a chance!

woman stops thief before stealing her car

A brave woman from U.S.A, Melissa Smith, 27,  jumped on the hood of her car for trying to stop a thief that carjacked her. The whole moment happened in a gas station from Milwaukee, U.S.A and was recorded by a surveillance camera. The dramatic encounter footage shows the woman who bravely jumps on the hood and holds up tight, trying not to give up on her car!

woman jumps on the hood of her car 700x394

After the thief tried to get rid of the woman hanging on the hood, he eventually gave up, took her purse and ran towards the car he firstly came in the gas station. Melissa told the police about what happened and said that she was looking at the thief while clinging to the hood and he was laughing at her like the whole moment was nothing but just fun.

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