Outstanding Pole Battles – Best Of

Best Of the Outstanding Pole Battles

Oona Kivela 1

Oona Kivela & Grazzy Brugner made art out of pole dancing and won numerous awards including the International Pole Championship. This type of dancing can be turned into an art, and as you will see in the videos and pictures we have, their dancing is amazing. Check them out right here.

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Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

The Human Hourglass: Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

Ioana Spangenberg 7

The Human Hourglass, that’s the nickname a Romanian-born model got after her photos surfaced online. Ioana Spangenberg is a 30 year old model who’s waist circumference is only 20 inches (50cm). The girl weights 38 kg and she now has everyone looking at her due to the Barbie doll figure with the 32-20-32 dimensions.

Despite what you might think, that she’s suffering, or recovering from anorexia, or some other eating disorder, Ioana claims that even tho she looks like an hourglass, she has a very healthy appetite, she eats 3 meals per day and she even indulges herself with chocolate treats.

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