Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

The Human Hourglass: Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

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The Human Hourglass, that’s the nickname a Romanian-born model got after her photos surfaced online. Ioana Spangenberg is a 30 year old model who’s waist circumference is only 20 inches (50cm). The girl weights 38 kg and she now has everyone looking at her due to the Barbie doll figure with the 32-20-32 dimensions.

Despite what you might think, that she’s suffering, or recovering from anorexia, or some other eating disorder, Ioana claims that even tho she looks like an hourglass, she has a very healthy appetite, she eats 3 meals per day and she even indulges herself with chocolate treats.

Spangenberg claims to even eat a lot of junk-food in her efforts to gain weight, and her efforts seem to have paid off. How’s that you ask? Well, when Ioana was a teenager, her waist was only 15 inches wide, and everyone laughed at her.

Luckily, her husband finds her gorgeous, and he’s even the one who encouraged her to put her pictures online, and even attempt to set a record for the woman with the smallest waist. Despite the fact that people have implied she had some of her ribs surgically removed, the Romanian model claims her look is all natural.

Even if Ioana is healthy and she says she has a good appetite, all of this publicity is unhealthy for those who see her. In this day and age, when most girls feel pressure to lose weight and be as thin as possible, did we really need such publicity? MOdels and people in the fashion industry try their best to get the paparazzi to “surprise” them with photos in which they’re eating and looking healthy, but the truth is that we live in a society that focuses too much on girls being thin.

Lots of teenagers battle eating disorders and some end up losing the fight and dying. Even if girls like Ioana Spangenberg encourage other people to eat and not care about how they look, as long as they’re healthy, the best way to convince young girls that they needn’t starve themselves in order to look thin, is to promote healthy looking models. So instead of thinking you should look like an hourglass, how about you change your way of looking at things, and just go ahead and feel good in your own skin.

Have a look at Ioana Spangenberg, is this really the way a model should look?

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