Sexy Half-Naked Painted Girl Walking Down The Streets

Sexy video with a half-naked girl walking down the streets of England! Would go out in public wearing just a thong? Well, this sexy lady is wearing a pair of jeans drawn on with body paint over the thong!

half naked girl walking down the streets

A new sexy trend is up on the internet! All around the world, different good-looking girls are walking down busy streets wearing just a thong and body paint and guess what…no one noticed!

This lady decided to spend a day half-naked, wearing a pair of painted jeans to see if people will notice her gesture! If you believe it or not, it took some time until people started to realize that she was wearing just a thong!

A skilled body painter spent an hour to create those realistically painted jeans and the results were amazing and unbelievably convincing. Check out the sexy video below!

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