5 Wedding Brawls Caught on Tape

 5 Cases of Wedding Brawls Caught on Tape! Extreme photos and videos with wedding fights and mass brawls!

A wedding is supposed to be an event dedicated to love and happiness, but not everybody gets the chance to enjoy it. A mass brawl can ruin even a day in which people are celebrating one of the most beautiful moments of their life.

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I cannot think of reasons to start a wedding fight, but it seems that there are a lot…People fought because of too much alcohol, because of feuds between families or because the groom/bride tried to hook up with others during the party! What a bunch of stupid reasons!

Below, you can enjoy 5 cases of wedding mass brawls which ended up pretty disastrous for everybody! Check it out!


Wedding Brawl with over 70 Men –  California, USA

wedding brawl with over 70 men California

In May 2017, over 70 men were reported for involving in a huge fight during a 700 person’s wedding, held near San Francisco. It is believed that a bunch of drunk guys ‘crashed’ the wedding. One of the guests captured on camera the mass brawl and shared it on the internet recently. Unfortunately, few men were seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

In the footage, you can see dozens of men dressed up in wedding suits fighting the wedding crashers in the middle of the street. Everybody is throwing punches early Sunday morning at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall, in Fremont, instead of having fun… Watch the video below!



Mass Wedding Brawl- Toronto, Ontario

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In December 2016, a mass wedding brawl ruin one’s bride most beautiful day! The huge fight erupted in a restaurant from Toronto, Canada during a wedding reception. The reason this fight erupted is more than shameful: bride’s ex-boyfriend showed up in the middle of the party with incriminating porn photos with the bride.

The ex left photos of the bride performing a sex act, on all the tables! The fight moment started seconds after the groom realized what just happened, and in the footage below you can see the wedding guests throwing punches and chairs all over the place! What a day to remember!



Wedding Brawl Caught on Camera in Russia

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In April 2016, another wedding went really bad after a brawl erupted! This time, the reason was the bride ‘obscene gesture’ shown to her father-in-law because he labeled her a ‘freaking cow’. Within seconds, the wedding turned into a fight scene between the bride, father-in-law, and other guests.

In the video below, you can see the father-in-law slapping the bride and her violent reaction. Some members of the family were forced to join the fight to stop it, while others were yelling at the people involved to let them fight! The end of the footage shows the bride taken away in tears after she felt on the ground. I think the real reason was actually the numerous bottles of vodka consumed…



Russian Wedding Brawl – Zelenograd, Russia

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Russian are well known for enjoying a fight anytime, so why not during weddings. Roughly half of all Russian weddings end in violence and so as the one held in July 2013 in Zelenograd. The reason for the guests’ fight is not known, but we can bet all our money on the alcohol.

In the video below, you can see how the fight began: a man wrapped his arm around another’s neck. It was enough for everybody to start sharing punches all over the place. What is really funny, is the woman who doesn’t seem so bothered about the fight ( I guess she’s just used to it) as she continues smoking her cigarette.



Wedding Brawl Caught on Camera- Philadelphia

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In October 2012, a mass brawl erupted during a wedding in Philadelphia and ended up with the death of a 57-years-old man. Dozens of guests from two wedding parties started a fight on a Sunday morning in the hotel lobby where the restaurant was. The bride’s uncle died and three people were arrested after the police interrupted the fight.

About 70 or 100 people were throwing punches everywhere during the fight and no-one really knows the true reason. The police arrived at the hotel and seeing that they were outnumbered by the crowd, they called for back-up and started to use batons for stopping the fight. The man who died suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead at Jefferson Hospital.

As you saw in the cases above, there are a bunch of stupid reasons for a wedding to transform in a melee. While many people think a wedding is a day dedicated to love, happiness, and fun, others prefer to drown in alcohol and solve their problems using violence and ruin everybody’s day.

A piece of advice will be to keep your calm no matter the situation and try to avoid any act of violence that can lead to mass brawls or even death. It’s better to keep your ‘zen’ intact!

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