Saudi Prince Transports 80 Giant Birds by Plane?!

A ridiculous case: In 2014 a Saudi Prince bought plane tickets for his 80 giant falcons! His arrogance was criticized by lots of people via the internet. We all know the Saudi royal family has a lot of money… to spend of shitty things.

80 giant falcons on a plane

In 2014 a Saudi Prince bought airplane seats for his 80 giant falcons! Transporting falcons in the middle-east is not exactly abnormal, but still… Buying 80 plane tickets for falcons is a crazy idea no matter what!

This super rich Prince thought that his falcons deserve the best treatment in the world, so why not to be transported on a plane? The falcon is also the national bird of the UAE, so it makes sense that airlines accepted this kind of folly.

80 falcons on a plane

Those images went viral pretty quickly and the Prince arrogance was criticized by a lot of people. Qatar Airlines said that as a passenger you need to expect to share your cabin or sit with falcons because it is a very common practice in middle-east.

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