A surgical Forceps Forgotten for Six Months it pierces the Belly!

A surgical Forceps Forgotten for Six Months it pierces the Belly!


Anne complained last six months of abdominal pain after an operation on Friday evening, the 31-year-Lyonnaise includes a surgical clip has been forgotten in his stomach, seeing the tip of the instrument to pierce her navel.

After two pregnancies, she decided to undergo abdominoplasty, an operation “without particular risk ‘approach of slack in the stomach. She chose a surgeon “recognized” in the profession and that it was “recommended”.

But for six months, Anne complains of stomach pain that her doctor attributed to “normal postoperative course.

Panicked, Anne is trying in vain to reach the surgeon’s office and the emergency clinic where he has made.

He then said that “it is not very serious, it’s been six months that is, we are no longer within a day.” And anyway, she normally go for a check on Monday with his surgeon.

Anne had a scan on Sunday morning at another clinic. Which clearly reveal the image of a surgical clamp of approximately 10 cm in the middle of the belly.

“At no time he apologized. He said luckily it happens in late career. For him it is a forgotten nothing too dramatic, it has not taken the time to aware of my discomfort, trauma, “sighed the young woman outraged that” casually “.

Height of “cynicism”, the surgeon had assured him that this new operation was his “gift Valentine” and it “was entitled to a free transaction.

The video is in french,but you still can understand the basic .

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