Angry Husband Caught Wife Cheating

Scary video with an angry husband who came home and caught his wife cheating! His reaction is perfectly normal when you can’t control your emotions… as he tried to punch his rival straight to his face, but he didn’t manage to hurt him at all! Check out how it happened…

angry husband catch his wife cheating

On a usual day, a husband was going home … Of course, he didn’t expect to find his wife cheating, as he got so angry with the guy, he barely managed to land a punch. As soon as the husband entered the door, he jumped on top of the wife’s lover, launching a series of unsuccessful kicks.

As the husband completely lost his temper, he only used brute strength trying to land several punches on man’s face but he didn’t do any real damage. I guess his fury made him kinda’ blind!

The funny question is: who’s the fourth person that’s filming? And why was so ready to record the shameful moment? Who won the fight? Well, check out the funny video and try to figure it out.

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