Best Extreme Fails Of 2012

Have A Look At Some Of The Stupidest Fails Caught On Tape In 2012

Viewer Discretion Is advised

Extreme fails… that’s what happens when you mix courage with dose of stupidity, and sometimes, with alcohol! People are capable of doing really amazing accomplishments, but they are also able to do incredibly stupid things as well.
Some get the guts to try extreme stunts after drinking a shot or two, unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t help on the coordination skills. We’ll have a look at some of the best extreme fails of 2012 and laugh about them, but remember… Do not try this at home!

First of all, let’s have a look at a college student form Colorado State University who out of the blue, decided to jump into the pool. Unfortunately, he was under the influence, so that complicates things a bit. The student decided to dive in the pool off a 3 feet-tall roof of a Fort Collins apartment complex.

college student jumps roof hits concrete

The student’s name is Ian Smith and he suffered severe injuries like broken ankles, broken heels and multiple broken vertebrae in his lower back. After the jump, the clear blue poop turned into a pool of blood, due to the fact that Ian hit the ground instead of landing in the water. Have a look at the video below to see Ian jumping off the roof, hitting the concrete floor then rolling over into the water. This is probably the best extreme fail of 2012, do not try this at home!

And below, you can see a compilation of some of the best extreme fails of 2012. You’ll get to what happens when a dog tries to use a skateboard and FAILS! Or people doing really epic fails with their cars, like forgetting they left the car in reverse and driving into a store. But what’s probably the best type of fail is when people want to stand out by doing stunts like jumping off tables or bridges… Let’s have a look, and a good laugh:

And below, you can see a compilations of extreme fails from March 2012: we have college students diving on stair cases, a garbage man robbing the mailbox, drunk girls falling off tables, a baby trying to make an expect, and falling on his belly and many more:

And here’s a compilation from January 2012, enjoy! We have dogs, cats and even crocodiles…

Now let’s watch some real extreme fails that will make you quote Einsten who said “Two things are infinite: human stupidity and universe.Though i’m not sure about the second one.”

Everytime i watch this kind of videos i can’t help wondering why are these people doing such things? Surely they are not paid to do it! None of them is a stunt man, so why do they do it?!

Well i guess they just want to impress someone so hard that they’re ready to risk their lives! Or, in some (if not most?) cases they are just plain stupid (i know, that was kinda mean thing to say but i can’t help it! )

Now, after you’ve watched this extreme video and you’ve laughed, scared, cried etc, when you really thing nobody is that stupid…you surely noticed the guy at 7:28 ! Now really?! He is just hitting his head with a guitar and saying ‘I’m ok’ after each hit :)) .He just couldn’t stop until he broke the guitar, and judging after his fail the (empty) head!

Still not tired of watching idiots at work? Well there you go..

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