Car Plunging Into the Water on its Own After Left into Gear

Hillarious video of a Car Plunging Into the River’s Water, on its Own, because the careless driver turned into a stupid one, after he left his car into gear, reverse on the wayside, and when tried to stop it he actually accelerated!

driver catch the car while falling into river 300x168

Are you having a bad day? Well, if your car didn’t fall into a river because you mistook the gas pedal as the brake, then you are just fine mate!

stupid human car falling into river 300x300

This careless driver had a really shitty day after he forgot to pull up his handbrake! While the guy was talking to his friend, his car easily started to slide backward. This nut-head attempted to stop the car, but unfortunately, he mistook the gas pedal as the brake! Check out how it happened…

Running after the falling car 300x170

Run motherf**er, run! You ain’t gonna catch that, anyway!

driver catch the car while falling into river 300x168

Well, you did catch it, but I guess you just don’t know which is the gas pedal and which is the brake because this is what happened!

car felt into the river 300x181

Not only that his car fell into the river, while it was reversing backward, the car also knocked down a motorbike that was passing by behind it. That’s what I call a really, really bad day! Luckily for Zhang (the nut-head), the water wasn’t so deep, so he managed to climb on the shore. The motorcyclist wasn’t hurt but I’m sure he is going to make some money by suing Zhang.

Check out the full video!



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