CEO Got a Pie on His Face on Live Public TV

Qantas CEO got slammed with a pie on his face during his last public speech on live TV! An angry old man shoved a lemon pie straight to the CEO’s face! Wondering how you can get revenge on your boss? No ideas about how to ruin their day? The answer is here: Shove a cake in their face!

Qantas CEO got a pie on his face

Australian airline company, Qantas, has a very upset CEO! Alan Joyce was public speaking at the event in Perth, Western Australia, debating same-sex marriage when suddenly a lemon pie flu in his face! Tony Overheu a.k.a ‘the pie man’ is 67 years old and we must admit that he has some style! Tony was really upset about ‘corporate bullying’ as he said to the press that this is the main reason he shoved a cake in Alan’s face.

alan joyce got a pie in his face

After the embarrassing moment, Alan said he will press charge against Tony saying that what he did was an act of assault! Tony felt ashamed about what happened, especially because he made his wife and daughter feel very angry about his attitude. Tony is known to be a devout Christian and senior member of the Church of Christ and Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

tony shoved a pie in CEO face

People taught that Tony’s reaction was based on religious beliefs against same-sex marriage, but he denied this accusation. He wrote a letter to Alan in which he apologized for his overreaction, hoping Alan will forgive him.

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