Crazy Video: Man Goes Berserk After Credit Card Denied

We all know how it’s like to have your credit card denied, and it feels like taking a punch in your face! This guy literally punched someone in the face and went berserk after his credit card was denied for M&M purchase!

man goes berserk after credit card denied 700x393

I know it’s hard trying to buy some candy and get your credit card declined, but this guy from California went too crazy after not getting his M&Ms. I think he just was in a mood…for punching someone in the face!

man goes wild after credit card rejected 700x404

This crazy moment went down on February 11 at a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, California. This guy’s logic was simple: if my credit card is denied: ATACK! The crazy video shows the moment when this M&M lover has his credit card refused twice because of insufficient funds and without any hesitation he reached across the counter hitting the cashier in the head.

crazy man goes wild after credit card refused

Moreover, after attacking the cashier and knocking down one of the registers, this guy wanted more drama! As he walked toward the door, he threw some bananas at the other cashier before knocking a second register and printer off the counter.

Here you can see the M&M lover going crazy!

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