Disturbing Video: Guy Opens Beer With Dead Shark Teeth

A disturbing video sparked anger on social media after two ‘brainless’ guys opened a beer using dead shark teeth! Spring breakers have taken their fun to extreme idiocy!

idiot man open bear with shar teeth

During Spring break, two guys managed to spark anger all over the internet with their disturbing video. After finding a dead shark on the beach shore, these two found it really amusing to use its teeth to open a beer.

spring breakers use shark teeth to open beer

The video was uploaded to Instagram, where it raised over 500,000 views and a lot of negative feedbacks.While some found it amusing, others chimed in on the post saying that this was a disturbing animal abuse.

springbreaker dringking beer after open with shark teeth

The footage shows how one of the guys opens the shark’s mouth while the other one opens the beer using sharpen teeth. This technique is known as ‘shotgunning’ ( very popular among alcohol lovers) and involves a drinker punching a hole in the side of a can and placing their mouth over it while popping the ring-pull.


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