Insane Speeding Car Crashes into House’s Roof

Crazy video and incredible pictures with an insane speeding SUV car that crashed into house’s rooftop in U.S.A.

Speed can make your adrenaline rise, but it also can cause damage and even lead you to your death! There are numerous cases of people ending hurt or on a roof because of speed-driving, so what’s to do …?

Drive safe and carefully! Seatbelts can save lives and attention can keep you and your family alive!

Car crashes onto roof of house in St. Louis

At the beginning of July, a St. Louis man came home from the gym to find a gray SUV on the roof of his home. What a view, right? The event was unique for the witnesses around and they explained the police everything that happened on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

car crushed in roof in saint louis

One of the witnesses said that the car was speeding at 80-90 mph and once the SUV hit a T-intersection, the car drove over the curb, up the terrace of land in front of the house fly into the sky before landing on the roof. Another witness said that it seemed that the driver never took his foot off the gas.

SUV ended up on the rooftop

Firefighters came after the incident because the driver was caught under the dashboard. He was seriously injured as he was taken to the hospital for immediate medical care. Homeowner Bruce Redding had just finished paying off the now wrecked house, but he is sure that he’ll be able to get the money back from the reckless driver.

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