Insane Video: Daredevil Hangs from Skyscraper Ledge

An insane video with a daredevil hanging from skyscraper ledge raised hundred of views! There are many courageous people who practice dangerous sports, but this guy is truly insane!

daredevil hang skyscraper ledge

Daredevil Oleg Sherstyachenko is only 26 years old, but he’s not afraid of cheating death! He recently posted on his Youtube Channel a ‘usual’ morning workout which includes hanging from a skyscraper ledge! Pretty normal, right?

dardevil oleg morning workout on skyscraper

Oleg risks certain death by performing dangerous gymnastics stunts on skyscrapers, but it seems like nothing can stop him! He does his usual morning exercises by hanging from skyscraper’s edge, dangerous backflips, jumps and gymnastics stunts!

Russian Daredevil Oleg has released a new video – hanging from the edge of a skyscraper doing a morning workout

Back in 2015, the daredevil claimed to have climbed almost 50 buildings and so he did. Moreover, he took incredible pictures and footages from the top of the world’s highest buildings! He has numerous fans and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube and here you can watch one of his latest insane videos! Check it out!

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