Kenyan Pastor Perform Miracles by Touching Women Breast

A Kenyan pastor performs miracles by touching or sucking women breasts. How weird is that?! OMB, I mean, yeah you have been gifted with the power of making miracles, but sucking a tit while doing it? That’s not from God, dude!

pastor perform miracles while touching women brests

This Kenyan ‘pastor’ really enjoys his job! All he does is touching or sucking women breasts with the excuse of performing ‘miracles’. His name is Chijioke and he strongly believes that “The spirit lies in the breast of a lady… the more you suck the breast the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord.” Seriously…?

pastor sucks female breast pastor sucking woman boobs for miracle

The pastor also  sucks ‘demons’ out of women’s boobs to give deliverance in his church and firmly supports his church! I bet you won’t guess the church’s name… ‘Breast and Honey Harvest Church’. After a lady spoke on Radio about what happened during her visit at the pastor,  he refused to say his real name, claiming that he is just ‘The man of God’.

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